Sunday, July 12, 2020

Reasons Not to Join Toastmasters

  1. Toastmasters is a money making scheme. It's president makes over $100,000. This is supposed to be a 501c3 charity rather than a money making venture
  2. Many employees are also members who will try to protect Toastmasters rather than follow policies that protect victims
  3. Corporate silencing of criticism
  4. Victims of harassment are not protected. No transparency.
  5.  Sources of harassment are not removed. It is a bully's paradise.
  6. Annual Conferences are listed as income in tax returns.
  7. Speech contest cheating.
  8. Leaders lying during HPL.
  9. Toastmaster Arizona has a D+ listing at the Better Business Bureau.
  10. Year long recruiting campaigns, which disqualifies it from being a club (501c7) for tax purposes even though it claims to be a club. 
  11. The Association of Speakers Clubs de-merged from Toastmasters in UK.
  12. Regular clubs that bring in money are good, and starting gavel clubs for people that do not qualify to join does not bring in money. They are bad. It seems to be all about money
  13. Do not join Toastmasters

Why Toastmasters is a Bully's Paradise

  1. Some venues will not get involved unless there is an overt act of violence. When violence occurs it is too late. These venues do not care. If they did,  violence prevention policies to secure violence-free venues would be in place rather than violence reaction policies that wait till violence has  already occurred.  The time to stop violence is before violence occurs rather than after. It is the difference between being proactive and being reactive.
  2. There is no transparency when a complaint is filed against a Toastmasters leader. The victim is never told the outcome. No notes are taken. No emails are accepted. There is an effort to eliminate documentary evidence that would verify a complaint
  3. There are dishonest and abusive leaders in Toastmasters. They are currently given free rein to bully
  4. Complaints are met with egocentric behavior. Thought terminating cliques like "disparaging toastmasters," and "If I went somewhere else, it would not be Toastmasters" are common. This kind of thinking is scary and promotes irrational thinking where legitimate issues are not handled but excused
  5. The victim is belittled by the leaders. The only options suggested by the leaders is to leave Toastmasters
  6. Arizona Toastmasters received as D+ at the local Better Business Bureau web site
  7. There are attempts to silence criticism by the corporate leadership
  8. There are no courses on the ethics of leadership. This produces unprofessional behavior from wannabe leaders
The above 8 items have been specifically documented in Toasmasters with the help of various current and former members. We will continue to document abuses.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Beyond Toastmasters season 2. Stay Tuned...


   Ahoy there mates, Beyond Toastmasters is coming back for season two. Did you know that an entire region of Toastmasters clubs left Toastmasters. Stay tuned for the answer in season 2 of Beyond Toast-masters.